Play is the process of becoming. B4 The Other’s offerings reintegrate Play into one's life in order to actively evolve towards the conscious liberation of the authentic self that fully embodies a revolutionary sense of infinite possibility.

“An organization experiences the consciousness of its leaders.” - Jeremy Hunter PhD

We are committed to making our work accessible for all game changers. As such, B4 The Other offers a sliding scale on adult education and professional development opportunities.

For inquiries about Educational Residencies or bringing Mindfulness and Team Building workshops to your place of work, please reach out.

“The opposite of play is not work - the opposite of play is depression.” - Stuart Brown MD

Chris Rich
Theater Artist/Technical Designer/Educator

“As a child, play was an expression, an experience, exercise, growth and social. As an adult I lost most of the knowledge of play and substituted in the rules and expectations of others. I didn’t realize this until my first Play Retreat in 2016. I didn’t realize it fully then, but I knew I was being opened to an experience that would change my relationships to work and those around me. With B4theOther I have reinforced my lessons from 2016 and gained new tools for maintaining and growing play in my life.

I have entered both Play Retreat experiences with a preconceived notion of what I was going to experience. I was wrong both times. This was and will continue to be necessary work to bolster my creativity in my work of theatre and in my personal relationships. Don’t let what you think you know keep you from what you need to know.

Roxanne Morse
Actor | Producer | Teacher and Coach

“I am so grateful to B4 the Other Creations for creating the POP course. The dichotomy of their Buoys and Anchors of play creates a feeling that is the experience of the play mindset. It has enabled and empowered me to make significant positive adjustments in my personal relationships and my relationship to my artistic self. I will be much more gentle with myself and others.”

Amanda Painter
Actor, Astrologer, Editor

“Malia’Kekia and Christopher bring a unique and energizing mix of empathy, incisive insight, true listening, and playful provocation to everything they do. If you need to spark up some facet of your creative life (however you define that), they are skilled space-holders and playmates. Re-discovering with them how much I enjoy high-stakes play totally shifted my perspective on theater-making (and life in general).”