Pedagogy of Play

Pedagogy of Play
Options & Opportunities
Play is defined by the feelings we experience inside it.
To play is to feel.

The Play mindset allows us to have an evolving mindset. Throughout these Play sessions we will explore what B4 The Other’s Pedagogy Of Play is, how it can open up the participants point of view of their lives, and the seen/unseen opportunities before them.

Play as a feeling focuses on Great Effort, Conscious Vulnerability, Bold Choice, Grounded Acceptance, Grateful Surrender, and Easeful Buoyancy. Each week we will explore one of these six key Buoys of play (and their Anchor counterparts) to support your personal play revolution. We do not see them as “pillars” because they are not immovable. We do see these six Buoys & Anchors as points on a horizon. They offer us a foundational level of ease in every situation. The feelings creates our reality, not the other way around.

“Unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, sorrow, shame.”

Brene Brown


In our culture, the act of Play is viewed as inconsequential, time wasting and frivolous. It is something only children are allowed and capable of doing as they hold a value that is “less than” adults.

For too long, the act of Play has been considered the only definition. B4 The Other believes the ideas and feelings inside of Play holds the truth to be an evolutionary tool. Through the act of Play, the idea of Play can be explored in order to find a more expansive reality, clearly defined relationships/roles, and an openness to abundant possibilities.

Living in a time of so many “unknowns”, B4 The Other would love to offer you an abundance of opportunities and options through our Pedagogy of Play. Only then can we allow the unknown to engage us by seeing that we are not victims to our choices, we create them.

B4 The Other's Mission

B4 The Other Creations strives to build stronger communities by holding space for a universal experience through the Pedagogy of Play. Changing the language to change the story by deep diving into the core values of effort, choice, buoyancy, generosity, and vulnerability. Paving a path of Vibrational Activism in our everyday world.

Pedagogy of Play (POP)
IS for you if:
You are eager to call in more joy
You want to center your creativity and wellbeing
You are wanting to reframe your relationship to failure
You are seeking support in facing life’s unknowns with availability to grateful surrender
You are ready to change your engagement with online learning and reprogram the already conditioned “Zoom etiquette”
You want to hold self validation as more important than people pleasing
You are curious to shed the layers of conditioning around “Play” that are not authentic to you
You are wanting to practice active listening, sharing spontaneously, courageous vulnerability, and holding space
You are in, or toying with, a big transition in your life and wanting to reinforce the possibilities around you
is NOT for you if:
You only want to put in minimal effort
You need step by step instructions on “how to”
You are not willing to look with curiosity at the areas of your life that feel stuck/stagnant
You don’t want to be seen in community
You view Play as frivolous, time wasting or non essential and you are not willing to investigate your resistance
You believe the world functions best in a binary state
You do not want to expand your creative capacity
You love Zoom etiquette and do not want to change how you show up to online learning
You do not want take personal responsibility for your life choices

We can not promise what your exact experience will be. We can promise intentional facilitation to hold your personal Play revolution. A variety of skills to help you learn and unlearn what you know to be true about yourself, your community, and your future. We reinforce the opportunity to expand our shared capacity for wonder.

POP Led By

Christopher J Beaulieu (Co-Founder) is known as “The Game Changer” and “The Playmaker” across the globe. He is an educator and artist with over 25 years of experience facilitating Community Building and Play Exploration rural retreats, educational residencies, and now online workshops.

POP Led By

Malia’Kekia Nicolini (Co-Founder) has been called a “Vibrational Activist” from how she holds space while facilitating. She is an internationally touring actress and teaching artist who has dedicated the last six years of her life to Play Exploration.


6:30pm-8:30pm EST

"The next session of POP begins January 30th"

The course sessions are cumulative. Your attendance is required to uphold the cohesion, integrity, and momentum of the learning community.

"If it’s inaccessible to the poor it’s neither radical nor revolutionary." — Jonathan Herrera

POP (Pedagogy of Play) Package includes

Rates: B4 The Other holds a mission of building a global community. We are committed to making our work accessible for all game changers. As such, B4 offers a sliding scale on educational and professional development opportunities (see suggested amounts below). Please choose a one time rate that is an authentic investment for you.

  • $250 if you are financially flourishing
  • $200 if you are financially comfortable
  • $150 if you are financially stretching

If you are able to self select the financially flourishing rate, please know your investment allows us to help accommodate those who may be financially stretching by offering a lower rate.

B4 The Other has one full tuition scholarship available for this session, apply for the Play scholarship here. For any remaining inquiries please contact

What your investment supports

 We are dedicated to living a life of service and fully embodying B4 The Other’s mission in our everyday lives. Being that our work is based on intimacy, vulnerability and connection, your investment helps restore our business coming out of this pandemic by supporting the integration B4The Other’s work online. Register now!