Jump into the New Year with Play!
B4 The Other’s Winter Blast reintegrates Play into one's life in order to actively evolve towards the conscious liberation of the authentic self that fully embodies a revolutionary sense of infinite possibility.

Showing up and allowing ourselves to be fully seen is an invaluable tool for catalyzing foundational change in yourself, your community, and systemically. Over the course of six days and five nights, The Winter Blast is an on your feet exploration of B4 The Other’s Pedagogy of Play. Focusing on B4’s six Buoys and Anchors of Play system. We do not see them as “pillars” because they are movable. We do see these six Buoys and their Anchor counterparts, as points on a horizon in the vast ocean of the unknown. They offer us a foundational level of self awareness in every situation which establishes the invisible structure felt within B4 The Other’s facilitation.

As pioneers of facilitating Play exploration, we are certain that the level of effort, risk, grace, and communication one puts into their lives is in direct correlation with what one gets out of their experience. B4’s pedagogy of play empowers the individual to live in abundance within the community by giving self-validation a seat at the table. We reinforce what is most authentic for each individual player in order to make meaningful contributions to our Winter Blast community. We will be engaged in preparing community meals together, outside snow activities, reflective campfire chats, and physical play exploration in the studio. However, individual or shared lodging is at the responsibility of each player. Opening the channels for one’s restorative personal Play revolution and our communal destination of a new horizon.

In our experience, many training and belief systems are based on tearing one down in order to build one back up. The last 60 years of methods have shown this idea to be one of the main reasons for suppressing creativity among adults. At the end of the day these methods hinge on another’s validation of your individual process.

The Winter Blast is the investigation of remembering who you were before you were told who you should be. Allowing Play to guide us back to having limitless options and the ability to walk through life willing to be seen, with grateful surrender.

The truth is that play seems to be one of the most advanced methods nature has invented to allow a complex brain to create itself. - Dr Stuart Brown MD

B4 The Other's Mission

B4 The Other Creations strives to build stronger communities by holding space for a universal experience through the Pedagogy of Play. Changing the language to change the story by deep diving into the core values of effort, choice, buoyancy, generosity, and vulnerability. Paving a path of Vibrational Activism in our everyday world.

IS for you if:
You are eager to call in more joy
You want to center your creativity and wellbeing
You are wanting to reframe your relationship to failure
You are seeking support in facing life’s unknowns with availability to grateful surrender
You want to hold self validation as more important than people pleasing
You are curious to shed the layers of conditioning around “Play” that are not authentic to you
You are wanting to practice being in a community with active listening, sharing spontaneously, courageous vulnerability, and holding space
You are in, or toying with, a big transition in your life and wanting to reinforce the possibilities around you
You are wanting to explore individual and collective identity through physical play exploration
is NOT for you if:
You only want to put in minimal effort
You need step by step instructions on “how to”
You are not willing to look with curiosity at the areas of your life that feel stuck/stagnant
You don’t want to be seen in community
You view Play as frivolous, time wasting or non essential and you are not willing to investigate your resistance
You believe the world functions best in a binary state
You do not want to expand your creative capacity
You do not want take personal responsibility for your life choices
You are not willing to empower your voice by saying/asking for exactly what you need.

January 1st - January 6th, 2024

Bondhu Basha, 342 US-7,  New Ashford, MA  01237

Bondhu Basha is located on unceded Nipmuc territory, in the hills of Western Massachusetts.

Their facilities include a large open studio cabin and commercial kitchen. It is the ideal place to explore crazy layers and wool socks!

Please note that individual or shared lodging is at the responsibility of each player.

GETTING TO Bondhu Basha in the Berkshires
Bondhu Basha is in a rural location. Bondhu is 2hrs west of Boston, MA, An hour east of Albany, NY, and 2hrs north of Hartford, CT and 1hr and a half south of Brattleboro, VT.

Please feel free to reach out to Christopher to request support for travel planning and logistics.


B4 The Other is dedicated to living a life of service and fully embodying B4 The Other’s mission in our everyday lives. That’s why we are committed to making our work accessible for all game changers. As such, B4 offers a sliding scale on educational and professional development opportunities (see suggested amounts below). Please choose a one time rate that is an authentic investment for you.

  • $950 if you are financially flourishing
  • $850 if you are financially comfortable
  • $750 if you are financially stretching

If you are able to self select the financially flourishing rate, please know your investment allows us to help accommodate those who may be financially stretching by offering a lower rate.

A $100 deposit is required at the time of registration. This deposit is non-refundable and holds your spot in the Winter Blast. The remainder of your chosen authentic investment rate is due by Dec 30th, 2024.

Payment plans are made available for those who request this form of support. For inquiry please email  [email protected]

The opposite of play is not work—the opposite of play is depression. - Dr Stuart Brown MD

What to Expect

*Please note, small breaks during Playtimes are not listed here but will be given.


*Please note, this event is not catered as part of the play exploration is to investigate Great Effort.


** Communal meal planning will be offered to the community through an email chain 1 week before the event.

The Experience
We can not promise what your exact experience will be. We can promise intentional facilitation to hold your personal Play revolution. A variety of skills to help you learn and unlearn what you know to be true about yourself, your community, and your future. We reinforce the opportunity to expand our shared capacity for wonder.
We are pretty frosty on this
Ana Juliana
Marketing Director/Operations Manager/Poet to the People
Have you ever found yourself wondering when you shifted, or constricted, or left a piece of yourself behind? I thought of this often but I couldn’t remember where I’d gotten lost along the way.
The first spark of remembrance that led me on a path of liberation to find the lost pieces was joining POP (Pedagogy Of Play Course) with Chris and Malia’Kekia. Truth has a vibration and it is contagious in its resonance. POP introduced me to the idea of emergence and authenticity as my birth right and gave me space to process all the resistance that surrounded expressing my truth. Working with B4 the Other gave me a sip of liveliness I wanted to share with everyone around me. I was asked by friends what was different in my life, I was asked by family why my smile was getting bigger. I remembered. That’s what happened. I remembered pieces that had been left on the playground to mulch in the mourning of no longer being a child.
Of course, with this remembrance I chose to go to B4 the Other’s Winter Blast. I was gifted moment after moment of refreshing choice-fulness. How am I going to love all the parts here and now? Together, this B4 Community dislodged the stagnancy of ourselves and came together in a way that felt productive. Not productive in a working sense of the word but in a big collective shift that can change the tides.
B4 The Other freed me from my own limiting beliefs and I wake each morning remembering that if all moments are play, all moments are an opportunity to move, to wash, to illuminate the stagnancy that can arise within. The Winter Blast left me with a takeaway of never truly being alone and understanding that deep healing happens when I am witnessed and that I am safe to be seen by my community.
I am in love with Winter Blast and I can’t say enough good things about the profoundness of being there. I wanted it to be longer. I wanted to float in the space of remembrance forever but I know the real fruit of this growth is found in bringing B4 the Other’s mission to the world. I can only hope that everyone has a chance to find themselves as I did.
Thank you Chris and Malia’Kekia for holding me when I thought I would always be too heavy to be carried over the threshold.
Winter Blast Led By

Christopher J Beaulieu (Co-Founder) is known as “The Game Changer” and “The Playmaker” across the globe. He is an educator and artist with over 25 years of experience facilitating Community Building and Play Exploration rural retreats, educational residencies, and now online workshops. Being one of the pioneers of facilitating Play work, he is certain that the level of effort, risk and communication we put into our lives is in direct correlation with what we get out of them.

Training: Shakespeare & Company, Dell Arte International, Society of American Fight Directors, Pilobolus, and Creatively Independent.

Winter Blast Led By

Malia’Kekia Nicolini (Co-Founder) has been called a “Vibrational Activist” from how she holds space while facilitating. She is an internationally touring actress and teaching artist who has dedicated the last five years of her life to Play Exploration. Malia’Kekia’s belief in being at our most compelling when we are at our least composed, underpins her teachings within B4 The Other. She holds an InnerMBA from Mindful NYU having studied conscious leadership and mindful sustainability in business practices.

Training: Mindful NYU (InnerMBA), New World School of the Arts (BFA), Yale University (Science of Wellbeing), Power of Vulnerability (CE Credits), Mahi Yoga Centre (RYT 200HR), TedXBroadway Young Professionals, American Theater Wing’s SpringboardNYC, Attending the teachings of His Holiness The Dalai Lama at his home temple in Dharamshala, India (2018).

Winter Blast

Bernadette Lorée Harris is an advocate for the wisdom of children; play. Immersed for over 20 years in the beautiful, awe-inspiring world of teaching and learning, she believes in the power of community to transform our existence when we’re willing to love one another towards our best versions. Bernadette's, aka Mama Bee’s, greatest joy and teacher at this moment is her curious, silly, beautiful daughter. Together they play as kitchen foodies, nature lovers, living room dancers, playground aficionados, community explorers and grocery store smilers. In her own life, working alongside B4TheOther Creations has revolutionized her way of being towards empowerment and self liberation. It has allowed her to expand her life possibilities and develop the faith to jump into the unknown. She is honored to continue her play journey in community while walking alongside others as they walk their own.

J. David Brimmer
Distinguished Teacher, NYU/TSOA
Fight Master and former President, SAFD, Honorary Fight Master, FDC

Chris is such a pleasure to collaborate with- dynamic, engaging, and just plain fun. I’ve known Chris for ages now, first as a student, and now as a valued colleague and friend. My most treasured memory of Chris’s work was when he helmed a workshop for my advanced students at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. A serious lot, Chris was able to get them out of their heads and playing with their whole instrument like children again. The creativity, joy, and effortlessness of their expression was breathtaking. I cannot recommend Mr.  Beaulieu and his system of ‘Play’ highly enough!

Carlo Aceytuno
Fight Choreographer and Intimacy Educator

It actually takes a lot of guts to play with the B4 The Other Creations team and I recommend every artist do so if they get the chance. Every time I have worked with them, they had a discernment that honed in on what was able to elevate me on my journey and push me to my next milestone—one I didn’t even know I needed a breakthrough for. The hardest part was not allowing the filter of my own bias to deflect the neutral observations and instruction they offered. But the idea of play, learning while I did it, breaking out of my own barriers, and developing a sense of fruitful ensembleship that I can take into other projects was invaluable! I look forward to the next time I get a chance to spend hours with Christopher and Malia’Kekia. It is well worth the energy, effort, and investment!

Chris Rich
Theater Artist/Technical Designer/Educator

“As a child, play was an expression, an experience, exercise, growth and social. As an adult I lost most of the knowledge of play and substituted in the rules and expectations of others. I didn’t realize this until my first Play Retreat in 2016. I didn’t realize it fully then, but I knew I was being opened to an experience that would change my relationships to work and those around me. With B4theOther I have reinforced my lessons from 2016 and gained new tools for maintaining and growing play in my life.

I have entered both Play Retreat experiences with a preconceived notion of what I was going to experience. I was wrong both times. This was and will continue to be necessary work to bolster my creativity in my work of theatre and in my personal relationships. Don’t let what you think you know keep you from what you need to know.

Amanda Painter
Actor, Astrologer, Editor

“Malia’Kekia and Christopher bring a unique and energizing mix of empathy, incisive insight, true listening, and playful provocation to everything they do. If you need to spark up some facet of your creative life (however you define that), they are skilled space-holders and playmates. Re-discovering with them how much I enjoy high-stakes play totally shifted my perspective on theater-making (and life in general).”

Anette Barrios-Torres

“This experience was a light in my life. It came exactly when I needed it to. Yes, it’s about ‘play’ but that word has come to mean so many different things to me now. POP helped me open up doors I didn’t know were closed. Some weeks were effortlessly joyous and others were a massive challenge. Through it all, Malia’Kekia and Christopher lead with such present grace and love. Apart from that the community you gain is beyond what I thought possible, I wish it could have lasted even longer. SO WORTH IT! I also was able to see that the more work we do, the more work there is to be done. Love. Love. Love.”

Justin Sechrest

“I always told myself I was a ‘chill guy’, super laid back, open, willing, flowing with the river of life. This journey led by Malia’Kekia and Chris showed me that those things are exaggerations at best. More than “experiencing sides of myself I didn’t know” I was encouraged to look at the sides I thought I knew. I was held in a safe space to be anyway that I needed to be along the journey and that acceptance was a little unnerving, because I personally have never experienced so much acceptance of myself from others. Especially in some of the messy ways I found myself in that were dug up by this adventure. 10/10 would recommend. POP is not fun, until YOU let it be, you are at choice. Chris and Malia’Kekia are amazing, gentle, understanding and accepting. Chris will ask you questions and your resistances will tell you he’s an a$$h0%* but it’s all gravy baby, when is the next one?”