Monthly POP Up sessions
We invite you to join us in welcoming Play into all aspects of your life!

What: Monthly POP Up Playdates in B4 The Other Creations Pedagogy of Play (POP). Our intention is to investigate and integrate the Play mindset in a specific area of life. This months POP Up will be held in person at The Plant Connector exploring Rooted In Love & Vulnerability. 

Who: People who are willing to step into the unknown with availability in order to gain perspective, joy, and clarity. (Group size limited to 12 participants who are able to commit to joining for the Playdate’s entirety.)

When:  TBD

Where: TBD

Why: To individually reframe our relationship to Play in order to lead a more resilient life. To gain a fundamental understanding of the Play Mindset and its application into focused areas that need more support, perspective, and empowerment.

Led By: B4 The Other Creations Co-Founders, Christopher Beaulieu and Malia’Kekia Nicolini

Price: B4 The Other is committed to making our work accessible for all game changers. As such, we offer these monthly POP Ups as Donation based. However, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please consider this donation as an exchange of energy and an authentic investment for your personal growth.

*Please Note that registration is not required for this special in person POP Up at The Plant Connector. However, if you’d like to register to give aloha you are more than welcome to!

“Play is the process of becoming.”

Christopher Beaulieu

What to expect at the Playdate:
To be seen and heard amongst community
Closed captioning will be utilized to further accessibility
To wholeheartedly welcome all peoples a seat at the table
To be prepared to explore Play within the focused POP Up topic. This can encompass physical movement, written reflection, interactive games, oral sharing, etc based on the chosen focus topic.
B4 The Other’s POP Up Non Negotiables:
In the interest of community safety and holding a strong container for the Playdate, the Zoom will be locked 5 minutes after the scheduled start time and late arrivals will not be permitted. If you leave the call you may not be able to re-enter.
To honor the Conscious Vulnerability of our sharings these Playdates will not be recorded.
Please commit to staying for the duration of the Playdate to uphold the integrity of the exploration. We will take at least 1 break.
We kindly request your sobriety in and throughout the Playdate.

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”

Desmond Tutu

Christopher J Beaulieu (Co-Founder) is known as “The Game Changer” and “The Playmaker” across the globe. He is an educator and artist with over 25 years of experience facilitating Community Building and Play Exploration rural retreats, educational residencies, and now online workshops.

Malia’Kekia Nicolini (Co-Founder) has been called a “Vibrational Activist” from how she holds space while facilitating. She is an internationally touring actress and teaching artist who has dedicated the last five years of her life to Play Exploration.